Legends of Chaos is a FAST- ACTION fantasy role-playing card game. There are 202 playing cards and (1) One/Two Card. Of these 203 playing cards, there are (7) seven warriors, each of whom have distinctive weapons that are unique and special. These weapons enable the warrior to carry out their fighting style(s). Besides the selected weapons for each Warrior, some also have the privelage of having Sidekicks or Special cards to assist them in their conquest towards the Books of Chaos. To help make this battle even more interesting, all the Warriors have been granted the assistance of Wred the Sorcerer and the All cards.

In addition to the quick game play, this game also incorporates unique playing features. Listed below are just a few of these features:

1) "Copy-cat" Rule
2) "Vital Point Four" Option
3) "Inspiration Attempt" Option
4) "One/Two" (1/2) Card

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