1) Name

2) Attack Mode

3) Visual

4) Characteristic Box

5) Summary Box

6) Ownership Circle

7) Ownership Reservoir

8) Defensive Value

9) Offensive Value

10) Associated Bar

11) Background

12) Borderwall













1) Name: The name of the character or weapon.

2) Attack Mode: A description of the card’s attacking ability. There are two attack modes:
...Ground: These cards can be used for ground attacks only.
...Air: These cards can be used for both air and ground attacks.

3) Visual: The visual image of the character or weapon.

4) Characteristic Box: This section describes the type of card and the card’s purpose in the game. The names that appear in this box are as follows:

Warrior: Identifies the main characters of the Legends of Chaos card game: As of now, there are seven warriors and they are as follows: Craziie Farmer, Yipee, Vyolett, Ghoast, Jeni, Fli-bi, and Diezel. More warriors to be introduced in the near future.

Sidekick: Identifies the secondary characters of the game that will assist a certain warrior or warriors.

Special: Indicates a special weapon card. These Special cards will help their warrior in the battle of Legends of Chaos.

Destructive: The majority of cards in the Legends of Chaos game will be Destructive cards. These Destructive cards will be used to attack a Warrior or to defend a Warrior. Not all of the Destructive cards are effective against every Warrior. For example, a Ground Destructive card would not be effective in an attack on the Warrior Fli-bi since Ground Destructive card attacks do effect Fli-bi. When used to attack an opponent’s Warrior, these cards can be played only during your round. However, when used to defend your Warrior, these cards can be played immediately after your opponent attacks you, during their round.

Mystical: Mystical cards can be used to launch an indirect attack against any of the Warriors. Most Destructive cards can not defend your Warrior against an attack by a Mystical card. However, there are some Destructive cards that are marked with the ability to defend against a Mystical card attack. Mystical cards can only be played during your round unless stated otherwise on the card.

Spontaneous: Spontaneous cards can be played at any time during the game. When used to enhance the ability of a Destructive card, the Spontaneous card must be played at the same time as the Destructive card.
Example: If you want to play Tractor and choose to use Multiplicity to enhance it, you must lay down Multiplicity immediately after Tractor has been laid.

Defend: These cards are specifically designed to protect your Warrior in the battle of Legends of Chaos.

5) Summary Box: Contains a short description of what this card can do during battle.

6) Ownership Circle: Each Warrior has its own unique logo shown in the Ownership Circle. This logo will also appear on cards that can only be used by that Warrior. There will also be certain cards in the game that each of the warriors will also be allowed to use. These cards are classified as ALL cards. They are identified with their own unique logo. See Logo Chart for more info.

7) Ownership Reservoir: Your Arsenal can contain a specific quantity of Endangered, Sparse, Limited, and Vulgar cards. The color of the border and the half circle located in the upper left corner of the card allows you to quickly identify the type of card you are holding. The quantities allowed in your Arsenal are as follows:

Type of Card - Color - Number of cards allowed in your Arsenal.
Endangered - Red - (1) One of the same card per Arsenal
Sparse - Gold - (2) Two of the same card per Arsenal.
Limited - Blue- (3) Three of the same card per Arsenal
Vulgar - Grey - (5) Five of the same card per Arsenal.

8) Defensive Value: This number identifies the level of protection from an opponent’s Destructive card attack.

9) Offensive Value: This number identifies the level of damage this Destructive card allows your Warrior to dish out. The damage will lessen your opponent’s Vital Point Total.

10) Associated Bar: This bar will either be white or gold. A white bar allows you too quickly identify those cards that can only be used by a Sidekick. A gold bar allows you too quickly identify those cards that can only be used by a Special card. Refer to the last sentence of the summary box to identify the character that the card is associated with.
Example: You are playing Diezel and you have Seymore in play. In your hand you have a Dagger of Pain card that has a white bar that identifies it as a Sidekick Associated card. When you look in the summary box, you’ll see that this is a Seymore card. Since you have Seymore in play you can use this card.
Note: The Sidekick or Special card must be played in a round prior to playing the Associated card.

11) Background: The background area of the cards has no significance in the game. The variety of colors were chosen based on the creativity of our artists.

12) Borderwall: The black border also has no significance in the game.

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