Name: Craziie Farmer
Occupation: Farmer
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 195
Age: 31
Residence: United America, Province of Earth
Personal Favorite: Trap
Special Ability: Add 5 vital points to your vital point total for each of your different sidekicks who come into play, excluding Wred and Sidekick multiples.

Summary: The Craziie Farmer is a humanoid who lives off the land and values his peace. Years ago he was the leader of an elite anti-terrorist group protecting the United America Province from renegades that live outside the zone of protection. So never underestimate a man of peace, or what is simmering below that calm façade.

Pumpkin Head: Pumpkin Head is Craziie Farmer’s faithful sidekick whose main responsibility is to protect Craziie Farmer’s garden. Do not step into his domain or Pumpkin Head might smash you.

Strawman: Craziie Farmer’s unwavering sidekick Strawman loves his duty of guarding Craziie Farmer’s fields from predators.

Wred: After narrowly escaping the destruction of the planet Zentron followed by centuries trapped in the black hole Deanus, Wred has accompanied the great sorcerer Venta across the universe in search of the descendants of other Zentonians who escaped. Throughout the centuries, Venta has been training Wred to become a sorcerer and now Wred hopes his training has been sufficient. Venta, knowing that he alone must continue the search for more descendants, has left Wred in command of the battle to determine which of the seven known descendant warriors will hold the power of the Books of Chaos™ as the Legends of Chaos™ continue.













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