Name: Diezel
Occupation: Knight
Height: 6'-5"
Weight: 255
Age: 27
Residence: York, England, Province of Earth
Personal Favorite: War Flail
Special Ability: Your first two Ground Destructive card attacks become Air Destructive card attacks.

Summary: Within the borders of England, whispered rumors were circulating about a great fighter whose prowess surpassed even that of the Knights of the Round Table. In a jealous and spiteful rage, the Knights of the Round Table banned Lord Diezel from the round table tradition. Instead, he and his new companion Seymore travel throughout England and the neighboring countries seeking unique adventures. His great adventures might involve saving a fair damsel, fighting beasts of unnatural proportions or fighting as a mercenary for the highest bidder. The outcome is always the same; Diezel stands on top.

Seymore: Seymore has been Diezel’s companion and friend since the day Diezel saved him from a pack of thieves. Now Seymore trains under the guidance of Diezel, striving toward the day he can prove himself worthy of the responsibilities of knighthood.

Wred: After narrowly escaping the destruction of the planet Zentron followed by centuries trapped in the black hole Deanus, Wred has accompanied the great sorcerer Venta across the universe in search of the descendants of other Zentonians who escaped. Throughout the centuries, Venta has been training Wred to become a sorcerer and now Wred hopes his training has been sufficient. Venta, knowing that he alone must continue the search for more descendants, has left Wred in command of the battle to determine which of the seven known descendant warriors will hold the power of the Books of Chaos™ as the Legends of Chaos™ continue.













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