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It was a time of great challenges and discoveries for the inhabitants of the planet Earth. During the 1930’s, the citizens assumed that, with the discovery of the planet Pluto. They had discovered the last of the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, unknown to the Earthlings, there once had been a tenth planet, Zentron, the planet of six moons.

Zentron was home to an immensely knowledgeable populace who wisely used the planets abundant of natural resources to create a wealth of technological advancements. With good, there also comes evil. The Zentronian way of life was continuously being threatened by those who wanted the planet’s wealth for their own devious uses.

Unfortunately, with the illness of their great leader Aadam, turmoil and discord quickly ran freely throughout the planet. Aadam, knowing that Zentron needed a strong ruler to replace him when he no longer existed as a physical force, decreed that the greatest warriors throughout the planet would compete in a battle. The winner of the competition would be awarded the Books of Chaos, for legend proclaimed the holder of these Books would be the greatest sorcerer and leader of Zentron. Thus begins the Legends of Chaos, the tale of the great battle. Many warriors would compete in this long hard fought challenge, but the most powerful of these were Venta and Senta.

In the end, Venta walked off the battle field triumphantly, leaving Senta, his step-brother alone on the battlefield disgraced. When Senta returned to his village he was mocked for his defeat. For, even before the competition began, Senta had proclaimed himself to be Zentron’s greatest warrior. Senta left his homeland, never forgetting those who had mocked him. For many years, he traveled across the cosmos in search of a way to prove to his people that he was more powerful than Venta.

Venta governed the people of Zentron with a fair and steady hand. As centuries passed, Zentron became even more rich and powerful under Venta’s strong leadership. In the year 1692, the citizens of Zentron were absorbed in preparations for the diplomatic talks which were to be held at the end of the month. As they prepare to travel to Zentron for the talks, the Ambassadors from every celestial body throughout the solar system were anticipating that these talks would yield more wealth for their dominions. At that time, Earth was the only planet whose people still lacked the technology to travel the millions of miles through space but were still able to participate by means of a gift from the old sorcerer Aadam.











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