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Aadam’s scientists had design a space travel machine that would allow the ambassadors of Earth to attend these meetings. This space traveling machine was disguised within some large stones, in a sacred place that the citizens of Earth would come to know as Stone Hedge.
Unknown to the inhabitants of Zentron, just a few thousand miles away on a large galactic ship, their old adversary was observing all the activities below. His vengeance against Venta and those of his homeland who had mocked him would Senta was now prepared to make his move. He would steal the Books of Chaos.
Senta had a plan that would allow him to pass through the force field surrounding Zentron, Senta planned to disguise himself as a servant to his friend Tally, a Senior Ambassador to Pluto. Once on the planet’s surface, Senta would waste no time seeking out Venta’s private living quarters but he wasn’t alone. Sensing that something was not right with the servant, Wred, a close and dear friend of Venta decided to follow him. It was not a surprise to Wred when their trek ended in front of Venta’s home.

Once inside, Senta located the Books of Chaos in Venta’s study. He was furious to find that the Books were surrounded by a force field that allowed only Venta to pass through. Senta tried to break through the force field with a spell when Wred attacked. Even with his exceptional strength of magic, Wred could not overpower Senta, and was quickly immobilized by one of Senta’s incantation.

“Senta, you’re wasting your time if you believe that you’re powerful enough to break through the spell that Venta cast upon those Books,” said Wred.

“That may be true weakling, but I know that if I can’t have the power within those pages, no one will!” cried Senta.
“Throughout the centuries of my exile because of the mockery I had to endure from people like you. I have perfected a gravitational wave spell that will allow me too pull the six moons of Zentron into Zentron with such force that Zentron, the Books of Chaos, everything and everyone on this worthless planet will be obliterated. With a bitter smile, Senta began the incantation.

Senta said the remaining lines of the spell before turning once more to Wred
“Now there will be no way for Venta to save his little planet. Now, none of this would have happened if the people of Zentron had claimed me as their leader,” declared Senta before disappearing like the whisper of the North wind across Zentron’s rolling hills, leaving Wred alone and powerless.











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