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Within the walls of the meeting room, even amid the heated discussions of the large gathering, Venta sensed that something was wrong. Excusing himself, Venta quickly traversed the short distance from the meeting place to his home. Upon entering his home, Venta discovered and freed Wred from his magical bonds. Realizing the terrible truth that he could only hope to save some of his people in the short time before the six moons collided with Zentron, Venta sent cybernetic messages to all parts of the planet. Only a few thousand citizens, mostly from rich and influential families, who had access to interplanetary transportation vehicles, were able to escape. The destruction of Zentron was complete just like Senta had planned; no physical signs existed to show that a tenth planet had ever existed within the Milky Way Galaxy.

After forewarning the people of Zentron, Venta and his loyal sidekick, Wred transferred the Books of Chaos to Venta’s space cruiser and flew off just before the destruction of the planet. Unfortunately, they were unable to avoid the black hole Deanus, and were quickly swept into its darkness.
After some three centuries of being trapped within the grasp of Deanus, Venta and Wred finally were able to escape but a cost. For they both had aged greatly during this time but Venta even more.
Knowing his time was now approaching; Venta felt the weight of the situation upon his soul. To ensure that the Books of Chaos were kept safe and passed onto a worthy leader, Venta needed to find the descendants of those who escaped the destruction of Zentron, for they were the only ones worthy of having the Books of Chaos.

With Wred’s help, Venta eventually located the first seven descendants of Zentron: Diezel the knight, Jeni the bounty hunter, Vyolett the African warrior, Fli-Bi the mechanical flying bird, Ghoast the ninja, the Craziie Farmer, and Yipee the jester. After telling these future warriors of the destruction of Zentron and its inhabitants and teaching them the mystery of their ancestry. Venta sent them to a yet undiscovered planet just on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy with very similar traits to that of planet Venus.
The seven warriors began the battle for possession of the Books of Chaos under the directions of Venta’s trusted friend, Wred. As is the custom, the warriors will be allowed to duel with their weapons of choice and will battle until there is only one victor. There is, however, one additional stipulation. If more descendents are found they will have the opportunity to challenge the winner of this battle for the right to the Books of Chaos.

Will Venta and his trusted sidekick Wred find more descendents? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, welcome to the greatest battle ever…Welcome to…Legends of Chaos™.











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