Name: Yipee
Occupation: Jester of Chaos
Height: 3’ 11"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Age: Estimated 1600
Residence: Milky Way Galaxy
Personal Favorite: Vanishing Act
Special Ability: Add 0/4 to your first two Destructive card attacks.

Summary: Residing within the Milky Way Galaxy, traveling from planet to planet lives Yipee, the jester of unspeakable foolishness. Because of his mischief, he has made many enemies who want him banned from the galaxy. On a moonless night, a small group of powerful sorcerers convened and, after months of conspiracy a plan was conceived to trap Yipee inside an inescapable magic box. Believing that he could master any trick, Yipee entered the magic box, and was trapped. After much consideration, the sorcerers dropped the box on the farthest star in the Southern constellation Satittarius, believing they would never have to be near Yipee’s practical jokes again. During his captivity, Yipee’s anger grew and he plotted his revenge. For nearly three hundred years Yipee was enclosed within the magical box until Fli-Bi, a metal bird searching for excitement, let him out. Once set free, Yipee’s only goal is to get revenge on those who put him in that box. This time, the practical jokes will not be for laughs.

Wred: After narrowly escaping the destruction of the planet Zentron followed by centuries trapped in the black hole Deanus, Wred has accompanied the great sorcerer Venta across the universe in search of the descendants of other Zentonians who escaped. Throughout the centuries, Venta has been training Wred to become a sorcerer and now Wred hopes his training has been sufficient. Venta, knowing that he alone must continue the search for more descendants, has left Wred in command of the battle to determine which of the seven known descendant warriors will hold the power of the Books of Chaos™ as the Legends of Chaos™ continue.













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